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Increase Your Influence In A Day For Dummies (1118380509) cover image

Increase Your Influence In A Day For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-38050-5
72 pages
May 2012
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Introduction 1

What You Can Do in a Day 1

Foolish Assumptions  1

Icons Used in This Book  2

Chapter 1: Laying the Groundwork for Persuasion and Influence 3

Defining Persuasion and Influence  4

Distinguishing between the two  4

Contrasting with manipulation  5

Utilising the power of persuasion  6

Understanding patterns of motivation  7

Persuading ethically  8

Employing the impact of influence  8

Combining persuading and influencing  10

Figuring Out Your Desired Outcomes  12

Getting clearer about what you want  13

Respecting others  13

Working together to achieve your goals 14

Embracing the Attributes of an Effective Persuader and Influencer  15

Laying the Groundwork for Persuading and Influencing  15

Showing that you’re trustworthy 15

Demonstrating confidence  16

Behaving ethically  17

Having a positive and balanced mental attitude  17

Being goal- and action-orientated  18

Focusing on win–win outcomes  18

Chapter 2: Getting Things Done

with the Help of Others 21

Highlighting Your Likeability 22

Accenting your attractiveness  23

Finding similarities  26

Common values  26

Shared dress sense  26

Parallel backgrounds and interests  26

Complimenting others  27

Offering powerful praise  27

Avoiding flattery  28

Relying on Reciprocity  29

Giving first to gain advantage  30

Negotiating and making concessions  33

Encouraging Follow-Through on Commitments  34

Playing to the desire for consistency  35

Getting others to commit 36

Following the Crowd  36

Building your own crowd  37

Recognising and responding to peer pressure  38

Asserting Your Authority  39

Making the most of titles and positions 39

Dressing like an authority figure 41

Exposing your expertise  42

Taking authority and obedience too far  44

Playing Up Exclusivity  45

Chapter 3: Leading by Example: Quietly Creating Big Change 47

Expressing Your Disruptive Self 48

Adapting your behaviour  48

Altering your environment  50

Turning the Energy Around  51

Redirecting insensitive statements  51

Neutralising awkward actions  52

Getting Creative  55

Spotting opportunities  55

Capitalising on opportunities  56

Building Strategic Alliances 58

Promoting change together  59

Adding weight to your argument  61

Chapter 4: Where to Go from Here 63

Your Persuasion and Influence To-Do List  63

Visiting dummies.com 64

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