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IV Therapy For Dummies (1118237668) cover image

IV Therapy For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-23766-3
408 pages
October 2012
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Introduction 1

Part I: Tapping Into IV Therapy 7

Chapter 1: Introducing IV Therapy: A Purpose-Driven Practice 9

Chapter 2: Keeping within the Letter of the Law 23

Chapter 3: Tools of the Trade 41

Part II: What’s Your Type? Components of IV Therapy 69

Chapter 4: Medications Made to Order: Pharmacological IV Therapy 71

Chapter 5: Beefi ng Up on Blood Component Therapy Basics 93

Chapter 6: Chemotherapy 101 107

Chapter 7: Maintaining Equilibrium with Fluids and Electrolytes 121

Chapter 8: Serving Up Parenteral Nutrition 157

Part III: Getting Down to IV Therapy Business 169

Chapter 9: Documenting Diligently: The Backbone of Infusion Therapy 171

Chapter 10: Calculation Central: Figuring Drug Dosages,

Drips, and Flow Rates 183

Chapter 11: Gravity, Pumps, and Syringes: The Many Ways to Deliver IV Therapy 193

Chapter 12: Going for the Hand or Arm: Peripheral IV Essentials 203

Chapter 13: The ABCs of the CVAD 227

Part IV: Administering IV Therapy 255

Chapter 14: Practical Pharmacological IV Administration 257

Chapter 15: Transfusing Blood Components 269

Chapter 16: Infusing Chemotherapy with Caution 283

Chapter 17: A Balancing Act: Administering Fluids and Electrolytes 297

Chapter 18: Making Every Calorie Count: Parenteral Nutrition 309

Part V: Considering Unique Populations 329

Chapter 19: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya: IV Therapy for Infants and Children 331

Chapter 20: When Aging Is an Issue: IV Therapy for the Elderly 343

Chapter 21: There’s No Place Like Home: IV Therapy for the Homebound Patient 355

Part VI: The Part of Tens 367

Chapter 22: Ten Things You Need to Know in IV Therapy 369

Chapter 23: Ten Tricks of the Trade for Starting IVs 373

Index 377

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