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Homeschooling For Dummies (0764508881) cover image

Homeschooling For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0888-2
384 pages
December 2001
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Other Available Formats: E-book

PART I: Heading to Homeschooling.

Chapter 1: Answering the Big Questions.

Chapter 2: Taking the Leap.

Chapter 3: Addressing the Buzzword: Socialization.

Chapter 4: Complying with Uncle Sam.

Chapter 5: Getting Everybody Involved.

PART II: Tackling Kids of Any Age.

Chapter 6: Teaching Your Toddler While You Change Your Baby.

Chapter 7: Covering the Elementary Years.

Chapter 8: Handling Junior High.

Chapter 9: Help! I Have a High Schooler.

Chapter 10: Completing Twelfth Grade Doesn't Mean It's Over.

PART III: Choosing Your Cornerstone: Basic Curriculum Options.

Chapter 11: Orbiting as a Satellite School or ISP.

Chapter 12: Does Classical Education Mean Teaching Vivaldi?

Chapter 13: Teaching Them What They Want to Learn.

Chapter 14: Unschooling: A Walk on the Relaxed Side.

Chapter 15: Charting Your Own Academic Course.

Chapter 16: Special Concerns for Special Students.

Chapter 17: Finding the Sources You Need.

PART IV: Nailing Down the Details.

Chapter 18: Defining Your School Space.

Chapter 19: Keeping the Costs Down.

Chapter 20: Turning Chaos into Organization.

Chapter 21: Making the Grade.

Chapter 22: Plugging in Your Schoolroom.

Chapter 23: Connecting with Likeminded Souls.

Chapter 24: Opting for a Cooperative.

PART V: Making Your Year Sing with Extras.

Chapter 25: Adding Spice with Special Classes.

Chapter 26: Making It Adventurous.

Chapter 27: Throwing Open the Toy Box.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 28: Ten Educational Games That Enhance Your School Day.

Chapter 29: Ten Common Homeschool Fears.

PART VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Homeschooling Curriculum and Resources.

Appendix B: State by State Homeschool Associations.

Appendix C: Speaking the Language: Glossary of Educational and Homeschooling Terms.

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