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Hedge Funds For Dummies (0470049278) cover image

Hedge Funds For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-04927-3
360 pages
October 2006
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Part I: What Is a Hedge Fund, Anyway?

Chapter 1: What People Talk About When They Talk About Hedge Funds.

Chapter 2: Examining How Hedge Funds Are Structured.

Chapter 3: Not Just a Sleeping Aid: Analyzing SEC Registration.

Chapter 4: How to Buy into a Hedge Fund.

Part II: Determining Whether Hedge Funds Are Right for You.

Chapter 5: Hedging through Research and Asset Selection.

Chapter 6: Calculating Investment Risk and Return.

Chapter 7: You Want Your Money When? Balancing Time and Liquidity.

Chapter 8: Taxes, Responsibilities, Transparency, and Other Investment Considerations.

Chapter 9: Fitting Hedge Funds into a Portfolio.

Part III: Setting Up Your Hedge Fund Investment Strategy.

Chapter 10: Buying Low, Selling High: Using Arbitrage in Hedge Funds.

Chapter 11: Short-Selling, Leveraging, and Other Equity Strategies.

Chapter 12: Observing How Hedge Funds Profit from the Corporate Life Cycle.

Chapter 13: Macro Funds: Looking for Global Trends.

Chapter 14: But Will You Make Money? Evaluating Hedge-Fund Performance.

Part IV: Special Considerations Regarding Hedge Funds.

Chapter 15: Hooking Onto Other Types of Hedge Funds.

Chapter 16: Using Hedge-Fund Strategies without Hedge Funds.

Chapter 17: Hiring a Consultant to Help You with Hedge Funds.

Chapter 18: Doing Due Diligence on a Hedge Fund.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten (Plus One) Big Myths about Hedge Funds.

Chapter 20: Ten Good Reasons to Invest in a Hedge Fund.


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