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Heart Disease For Dummies, 2nd Edition (1118068963) cover image

Heart Disease For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-06896-0
384 pages
April 2011
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Chapter 1 Confronting Heart Disease: The No. 1 Health Threat.

Chapter 2 Touring the Heart and Cardiovascular System.

Chapter 3 Recognizing Your Risk of Coronary Heart Disease.

Chapter 4 Understanding the Onset of Coronary Artery Disease, Angina, and Unstable Angina.

Chapter 5 Understanding Heart Attacks.

Chapter 6 Beating Out of Sync: Arrhythmias.

Chapter 7 When the Pump Falters: Heart Failure.

Chapter 8 Clotting and Bleeding in the Brain: Stroke.

Chapter 9 Identifying Other Cardiac Conditions.

Chapter 10 Taking the First Step: Going for a Checkup.

Chapter 11 Using Diagnostic Tests.

Chapter 12 Forming a Partnership with Your Doctor.

Chapter 13 Combating High Blood Pressure.

Chapter 14 Controlling Cholesterol.

Chapter 15 Understanding Drug and Medical Treatments for Heart Disease.

Chapter 16 Treating Heart Disease with Invasive and Surgical Procedures.

Chapter 17 Evaluating Alternative Therapies: Are They for You?

Chapter 18 Rehabilitating Your Heart.

Chapter 19 Reversing Heart Disease: Hope or Hype?

Chapter 20 Choosing Heart-Healthy Nutrition and Managing Your Weight

Chapter 21 Getting It in Gear: Physical Activity and Exercise for Heart Health.

Chapter 22 Reducing Stress: Tapping the Mind/Body Connection to Improve Heart Health.

Chapter 23 Quitting Smoking.

Chapter 24 Ten Myths about Heart Disease.

Chapter 25 Ten Great Heart-Healthy Foods.

Chapter 26 Ten Cardiac Signs and Symptoms You Need to Know About.

Chapter 27 Ten Secrets of Long-Term Success.

Appendix Great Heart-Healthy Recipes by America's Leading Chefs.


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