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Healthy Mind and Body All-in-One For Dummies, UK Edition (0470748303) cover image

Healthy Mind and Body All-in-One For Dummies, UK Edition

Gillian Burn (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-74830-5
688 pages
January 2012
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Introduction 1 

Book I: The Importance of Your Health 7 

Chapter 1: Understanding the Elements of Healthy Nutrition 9 

Chapter 2: Exploring an Active Lifestyle to Boost Your Health 31 

Chapter 3: Examining Your State of Mind 39 

Book II: Food and Nutrition 55 

Chapter 1: The Key Facts about Healthy Nutrition 57

Chapter 2: Knowing What and What Not to Eat 77 

Chapter 3: Exploring How Food Affects Your Health 111 

Chapter 4: Taking a Look Inside the GL Diet 137 

Chapter 5: Incorporating the GL Diet into Your Daily Life 165 

Book III: Physical Health: Achieving Fitness 187 

Chapter 1: Enjoying the Benefi ts of Being Physically Active 189 

Chapter 2: Setting Goals and Giving Rewards 201 

Chapter 3: Taking an Active Approach to Fitness 211 

Chapter 4: Exploring Types of Exercise to Suit Your Lifestyle 231 

Book IV: Exploring Yoga and Pilates 253

Chapter 1: Understanding the Basics of Yoga and Pilates 255 

Chapter 2: Integrating Breathing and Movement 271 

Chapter 3: Getting Ready for Your Yoga Practice 289 

Chapter 4: Stretching Your Body through Some Yoga Postures 315 

Chapter 5: Exploring Different Yoga Postures for Health 351

Chapter 6: Following the Classic Yoga Formula 375

Chapter 7: Seeing What Pilates Can Give You 389 

Chapter 8: Giving Yourself the All-Body Pilates Workout 415 

Chapter 9: Challenging Yourself with Advanced Pilates Exercises 447 

Book V: Mental Health 479 

Chapter 1: Acknowledging the Importance of Personal Well-Being 481 

Chapter 2: Recognising How Depression Can Affect You 499 

Chapter 3: Discovering Techniques to Overcome Depression 519

Chapter 4: Examining Anxiety in Its Different Guises 543 

Chapter 5: Exploring How to Conquer Anxiety 571 

Chapter 6: Delving into Stress 603 

Chapter 7: Managing Stress Proactively 613 

Index 639 

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