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Healthy Carb Cookbook For Dummies (0764584766) cover image

Healthy Carb Cookbook For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-8476-3
396 pages
July 2005
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Part I: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Counting Carbs.

Chapter 1: Taking Control of Carbs In and Out of the Kitchen.

Chapter 2: Raising Your Total Carb Awareness.

Chapter 3: Organizing and Shopping for the Low-Carb Kitchen.

Chapter 4: Adopting a Healthy, Carb-Conscious Lifestyle with Ease.

Chapter 5: Completing the Wellness-for-Life Puzzle: Putting Your Body in Motion.

Part II: Low-Carb Cooking Made Easy.

Chapter 6: Waking Up to Breakfast.

Chapter 7: Soothing Your Low-Carb Soul with Soup.

Chapter 8: Building More Than Just a Salad.

Chapter 9: Living a Low-Carb Life by the Sea.

Chapter 10: Stickin’ with Chicken in Your Low-Carb Lifestyle.

Chapter 11: Visiting the Meat Counter.

Chapter 12: Serving Up Veggies Galore.

Chapter 13: Dazzling Low-Carb Desserts.

Part III: Expanding Everyday Low-Carb Cooking.

Chapter 14: Outsmarting Cravings with Low-Carb Snacks and Dips.

Chapter 15: Wrapping It Up, Low-Carb Style.7

Chapter 16: Coming Home to Slow-Cooked Comfort Foods.

Chapter 17: Even More Delightful Dishes with 5 Net Grams of Carbs or Less.

Part IV: Eating Low-Carb on the Town and on the Run.

Chapter 18: Taking the Low-Carb Road to Restaurants.

Chapter 19: Brown-Bagging It, Low-Carb Style.

Chapter 20: Cooking Dinner in a Low-Carb Heartbeat.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Easy Ways to Simplify Your Low-Carb Cooking.

Chapter 22: Ten Foods to Eat More Of.

Chapter 23: Ten Carb-Counting Web Sites.

Appendix: Common Abbreviations and Metric Conversion Guide.


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