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Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies (0470289678) cover image

Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-28967-9
384 pages
October 2008
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Part I: It’s a Jungle out There — Be a Guerrilla.

Chapter 1: Entering the Jungle: An Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing.

Chapter 2: Scoping Out Your Options.

Chapter 3: Guerrillas Plan, Too: Developing Your Marketing Plan.

Chapter 4: Thinking Like a Guerrilla.

Chapter 5: Bringing in the Big Guns: Guerrilla Marketing Firms.

Part II: Marketing at Street Level.

Chapter 6: Hitting the Street with Street Teams.

Chapter 7: The Spectacular! Publicity Stunts.

Chapter 8: Events and Experiences.

Part III: Opportunities All around You: Nontraditional Media.

Chapter 9: Out in the Fresh Air.

Chapter 10: Going Indoors.

Chapter 11: Using and Innovating New Media.

Part IV: Driving It Home: From the Street to Your Site.

Chapter 12: Different Methods to Online Madness.

Chapter 13: Creating Your Online Presence.

Chapter 14: Getting Social.

Part V: If a Tree Falls in the Woods . . .The Power of the Press.

Chapter 15: Identifying Your Outlets.

Chapter 16: Becoming a One-Person Public Relations Outfit.

Chapter 17: Hiring Publicists and Public Relations Peeps.

Part VI: You Scratch My Back.

Chapter 18: Meeting of the Minds.

Chapter 19: Cross-Promotional Partnerships.

Chapter 20: Giving Back: Adding a Cause-Related Tie-In.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Practically Perfect Campaigns.

Chapter 22: Ten Reasons We Love Guerrilla Marketing — And Why You Will, Too!

Chapter 23: Ten Obstacles to Avoid When Going Guerrilla.


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