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Green IT For Dummies (0470386886) cover image

Green IT For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-38688-0
384 pages
April 2009
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Part I: Understanding the World of Green IT.

Chapter 1: Win-Win-Winning with Green IT.

Chapter 2: Making the Business Case for Green IT.

Chapter 3: Green Journeys in Action.

Part II: Getting a Running Start.

Chapter 4: Getting to Know the Standards and Metrics.

Chapter 5: Assessing Your Current Energy Use and Needs.

Chapter 6: Go Green in 12 Months: Putting Together a Plan.

Part III: Greening the Data Center.

Chapter 7: Laying the Foundation for Green Data Management.

Chapter 8: Maximizing Data Center Efficiency.

Chapter 9: Racking Up Green Servers.

Chapter 10: Cooling Your Data Center.

Chapter 11: Building a Green Storage System.

Chapter 12: Grooming the Network for Green.

Chapter 13: Using Virtualization.

Part IV: Greening the Office.

Chapter 14: Moving to Green Screens and Computing Machines.

Chapter 15: Reducing Desktop Energy Waste.

Chapter 16: Pursuing the Less-Paper Office.

Chapter 17: Evaluating Green Gadgetry.

Part V: Greening the Organization.

Chapter 18: Greening the Facility.

Chapter 19: e-Waste Not, e-Want Not.

Chapter 20: Virtually There: Collaboration Technologies for a Greener World.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Organizations That Can Help with Green IT Objectives.

Chapter 22: Ten Creative Computer Recycling Tips.

Chapter 23: Ten Tips for a Green Home Office.

Appendix A: Consumption and Savings Worksheets.


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