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GarageBand For Dummies (0764577506) cover image

GarageBand For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7750-5
334 pages
August 2004
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Part I: Starting on a Good Note.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning: Introducing GarageBand.

Chapter 2: Equipment and Setting Up Your Recording Space.

Chapter 3: GarageBand Preferences: How Do You Like Yours?

Chapter 4: Introducing Multitrack Recording with GarageBand.

Part II: Laying Down Tracks.

Chapter 5: It (Usually) Starts with a Loop.

Chapter 6: Recording with MIDI and Software Instruments.

Chapter 7: Recording Vocals and Acoustic Instruments.

Chapter 8: Recording Electric Guitars and Other Electronic Instruments.

Part III: Post-Production: Finishing Your Song.

Chapter 9: Editing and Polishing Tracks.

Chapter 10: Mixing Tracts into Songs.

Chapter 11: To Master Mastering.

Part IV: Sharing Your Creation with Others.

Chapter 12: CD Recording, Reproduction, and Distribution.

Chapter 13: Creating Smaller Audio Files for iPods, E-Mail, and the Web.

Chapter 14: Using GarageBand Recordings with Other iLife Applications.

Part V: The Parts of Ten.

Chapter 15: Ten Handy GarageBand Add-Ons.

Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Improve GarageBand’s Performance.

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Take Your Recordings to the Next Level.

Chapter 18: Ten Useful Web Sites.


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