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GMAT For Dummies, 5th Edition (047009964X) cover image

GMAT For Dummies, 5th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-09964-3
364 pages
December 2006
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Part I: Putting the GMAT into Perspective.

Chapter 1: Getting the Lowdown on the GMAT.

Chapter 2: Maximizing Your Score on the GMAT.

Part II: Vanquishing the Verbal Section.

Chapter 3: Applying What You Learned (We Hope) in Grammar Class: Sentence Correction.

Chapter 4: Not as Enticing as a Bestseller: Reading Comprehension.

Chapter 5: Getting Logical: Critical Reasoning.

Chapter 6: Bringing It Together: A Practice Mini Verbal Section.

Part III: Acing the Analytical Writing Section.

Chapter 7: Analyze This: What to Expect from the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA).

Chapter 8: Present Perfect Paragraphs: How to Write a GMAT Essay.

Chapter 9: Deconstructing Sample GMAT Essays.

Part IV: Conquering the Quantitative Section.

Chapter 10: Getting Back to Basics: Numbers and Operations.

Chapter 11: Considering All the Variables: Algebra.

Chapter 12: Getting the Angle on Geometry: Planes and Solids.

Chapter 13: Keeping in Step: Coordinate Geometry.

Chapter 14: Manipulating Numbers: Statistics and Sets.

Chapter 15: It’s All in the Presentation: GMAT Quantitative Question Types.

Chapter 16: All Together Now: A Practice Mini Quantitative Section.

Part V: Practice Makes Perfect.

Chapter 17: Putting the GMAT into Practice: Test #1.

Chapter 18: Explaining the Answers to Practice Test #1.

Chapter 19: Putting the GMAT into Practice: Test #2.

Chapter 20: Explaining the Answers to Practice Test #2.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Ten Questions You’ve Got a Good Shot At.

Chapter 22: Ten Writing Errors to Avoid.

Chapter 23: Ten Formulas You Need to Know on Test Day.


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