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Fundamental Analysis For Dummies (0470573228) cover image

Fundamental Analysis For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-57322-8
384 pages
October 2009
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Part I: What Fundamental Analysis Is and Why You Should Use It.

Chapter 1: Understanding Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 2: Getting up to Speed with Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 3: Gaining an Upper Hand on Wall Street: Why Fundamental Analysis Gives Investors an Edge.

Chapter 4: Getting Your Hands on Fundamental Data.

Part II: How to Perform Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 5: Analyzing a Company’s Profi tability Using the Income Statement.

Chapter 6: Measuring A Company’s Staying Power With the Balance Sheet.

Chapter 7: Tracking Cash with the Statement of Cash Flows.

Chapter 8: Using Financial Ratios to Pinpoint Investments.

Chapter 9: Mining the Proxy Statement for Investment Clues.

Part III: Making Money from Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 10: Looking for Fundamental Reasons to Buy or Sell.

Chapter 11: Finding a Right Price for a Stock Using Discounted Cash Flow.

Chapter 12: Using the Annual Report (10-K) to See What a Company Is Worth.

Chapter 13: Analyzing a Company’s Public Comments and Statements.

Chapter 14: Gleaning from the Fundamental Analysis Done by Others.

Chapter 15: Performing “Top Down” Fundamental Analysis.

Part IV: Getting Advanced with Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 16: Digging into an Industry’s Fundamentals.

Chapter 17: Pinpointing Trends Using Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 18: Avoiding Investment Blow-Ups with Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 19: Marrying Fundamental Analysis with Technical .

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Examples of Fundamental Analysis Unearthing Financial Secrets.

Chapter 21: Ten Things to Look at When Analyzing a Company.

Chapter 22: Ten Things Fundamental Analysis Can’t Do.


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