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FrontPage 2000 For Dummies (0764504231) cover image

FrontPage 2000 For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0423-5
408 pages
May 1999
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On her first day of college, Asha Dornfest took a bold step: She replaced her broken typewriter with a PC.
Asha did not consider herself a geek; her computer was simply a tool to help her write papers and reports. But by her senior year, she had defended her clunky PC against so many insults from Mac-loving roommates that she came to regard her computer with a sense of kinship.
After graduation, Asha trudged into the real world with a liberal arts degree and strong computer skills. (Which do you think got her a job?) She soon realized that she enjoyed showing people how computers could simplify their lives, when the things weren't making life more difficult, that is.
In 1994, Asha discovered the Internet. Soon after, she and her husband Rael started a Web design business in their dining room and began hawking their electronic wares. Mind you, this venture began during the Web-publishing Stone Age; many people had never even heard of the World Wide Web. A savvy friend quipped that ...For Dummies books about Web publishing may one day hit the shelves. Asha scoffed.
Today, Asha writes and teaches classes about Web publishing and other Internet-related topics. She welcomes visitors to her virtual home at www.ashaland.com.
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