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Forensics For Dummies (1118053974) cover image

Forensics For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-05397-3
384 pages
September 2011
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Part I: Cracking Open the Case.

Chapter 1: Understanding the World of Forensics.

Chapter 2: Uncovering Who Does What When: The Forensics Team in Action.

Chapter 3: Working the Scene: Evidence Collection and Protection.

Chapter 4: Peering into the Criminal Mind.

Part II: Uncovering the Evidence.

Chapter 5: Fingerprints: Your Personal Signature.

Chapter 6: Those Messy Bloodstains.

Chapter 7: Making Good Impressions: Shoes, Tires, and Tools.

Chapter 8: The Burning Question: Is It Arson?

Part III: Looking at the Body.

Chapter 9: Determining the Hows and Whys of Death: Forensic Autopsies.

Chapter 10: Identifying John and Jane Doe.

Chapter 11: Estimating the Time of Death.

Chapter 12: Yeow! That Hurts: Traumatic Injuries and Deaths.

Chapter 13: Asphyxia: Where’s the Oxygen?

Part IV: Working in the Crime Lab.

Chapter 14: Working with Blood and Other Bodily Fluids: Serology.

Chapter 15: What’s the Deal with DNA?

Chapter 16: Finding Drugs and Poisons: The Toxicology Lab.

Chapter 17: Analyzing Trace Evidence.

Chapter 18: Going Ballistic: Analyzing Firearms Evidence.

Chapter 19: Questioning the Validity of Documents.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Famous Forensic Cases.

Chapter 21: Ten Ways Hollywood Gets It Wrong.

Chapter 22: Ten Great Forensic Careers.


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