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Forensic Psychology For Dummies (1119976243) cover image

Forensic Psychology For Dummies

David Canter, Ian Rankin (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-1-119-97624-0
412 pages
May 2012
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Foreword xxi

Introduction 1

Part I: Nailing Forensic Psychology: A Moving Target 7

Chapter 1: Discovering the Truth about Forensic Psychology 9

Chapter 2: Exploring the World of the Criminal 29

Chapter 3: Providing Expert Evidence: Forensic Psychology and the Law 51

Part II: Helping the Police Solve Crimes 69

Chapter 4: Interviewing Witnesses and Victims 71

Chapter 5: Exposing Liars and Detecting Deception 93

Chapter 6: Profiling Offenders and Distinguishing the Types of Crimes They Commit 121

Chapter 7: Understanding Victims of Crime and Their Experiences 149

Chapter 8: Preventing Crime: Problems, Processes and Perseverance 169

Part III: Measuring the Criminal Mind 187

Chapter 9: Measuring, Testing and Assessing the Psychology of Offenders 189

Chapter 10: Diagnosing Evil: Measuring the Criminal Mind 207

Part IV: Viewing Psychology in Court 221

Chapter 11: Giving Guidance in Legal Proceedings 223

Chapter 12: Making Sense in Court: Psychological Aspects of the Legal Processes 249

Part V: Helping and Treating Offenders 267

Chapter 13: Intervening to Rehabilitate Offenders 269

Chapter 14: Dealing with Violence 289

Chapter 15: Treating Sexual Offenders 305

Chapter 16: Working with Juvenile Offenders 323

Part VI: The Part of Tens 337

Chapter 17: Ten Professional Requirements for Forensic Psychologists 339

Chapter 18: Ten Stages in Becoming a Professional Forensic Psychologist 347

Chapter 19: Ten Emerging Areas of Forensic Psychology 355

Chapter 20: Ten Cases in Which Forensic Psychology Was Crucial 363

Index 375

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