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Foreclosure Self-Defense For Dummies (0470251530) cover image

Foreclosure Self-Defense For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-25153-9
364 pages
February 2008
US $19.99 Add to Cart
Other Available Formats: E-book
Ralph R. Roberts is a master of transforming crises into opportunities. After losing one of his own homes to foreclosure early in his career, Ralph added a foreclosure division to his real estate business. Its goal was to assist distressed homeowners facing foreclosure and earn a profit in the process. Since then, Ralph and his team have led thousands of families through the foreclosure maze, informing them of their options, steering them clear of the most common pitfalls, and empowering them with the information required to get on with their lives. Ralph is the official spokesperson for Guthy-Renker Home (HurryHome.com), is on the board of directors for the Macomb County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and has a host of Web sites and blogs, including FlippingFrenzy.com and GetFlipping.com.
Ralph is also an experienced mentor, coach, consultant, and author who has penned several successful books, including Flipping Houses For Dummies (Wiley), Foreclosure Investing For Dummies (Wiley), Advanced Selling For Dummies (Wiley), and Protect Yourself from Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud: Preserving the American Dream of Homeownership (Kaplan). To find out more about Ralph Roberts, visit www.aboutralph.com.

Lois “Lane” Maljak is Ralph’s second in command and a foreclosure specialist in her own right. Lois formerly ran Ralph’s foreclosure department, HomeSavers, during which time she met with hundreds of distressed homeowners every year, assisting people in foreclosure and pre-foreclosure, counseling them on their available options, and helping them leave a difficult situation in their past. Lois has a combination of compassion and expertise that makes her uniquely qualified to counsel hapless homeowners.

Paul Doroh is also a foreclosure expert working directly with clients and prospective clients at Ralph Roberts Realty. In addition to meeting with homeowners who are facing foreclosure, Paul represents the company at foreclosure auctions. He has been thoroughly trained in the Ralph Roberts approach to foreclosure investing — assisting people through the foreclosure process so they can gain more control of the situation and improve their outcome.

Joe Kraynak is a freelance author who has written and coauthored numerous books on topics ranging from slam poetry to computer basics. Joe teamed up with Dr. Candida Fink to write his first book in the For Dummies series, Bipolar Disorder For Dummies. He has since teamed up with Ralph Roberts to coauthor Flipping Houses For Dummies, Foreclosure Investing For Dummies, and Advanced Selling For Dummies, and with Dr. Robert Wood to coauthor Food Allergies For Dummies.

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