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Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies (1118012542) cover image

Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-01254-3
480 pages
November 2011
This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site.
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Source code files
The ZIP contains the SpaceshipZapZap project for both iOS and Android distribution, as follows:

  • SpaceshipZapZapAndroid.fla: The Flash Professional project file to open to compile the app for Android devices
  • SpaceshipZapZapiOS.fla: The Flash Professional project file to open to compile the app for iOS devices
  • ActionScript source that is common to both FLA files
  • Manifest XML documents for both FLA files
  • Icons folder: Contains example icons in the various sizes required by the Apple App Store and Android Market
  • Graphics folder: Contains graphics that the author imported into his application and which he references in Chapter 5 of the book
  • Certificates folder: Contains a readme.txt document that prompts readers to store the application certificates they generate in this folder

  • Instructions: Website users should download the ZIP file, unzip the contents locally, and then begin by opening either SpaceshipZapZapAndroid.fla or SpaceshipZapZapiOS.fla in Flash Professional (CS5.5 or higher) and pressing Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Command+Return (Mac) to run the application. After the user has generated the necessary certificates for either iOS or Android, he or she can compile the application and install it on his or her own mobile device.

    Please do not distribute the application either as a compiled app or as source code.
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