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Firefighter Exam For Dummies (0470769467) cover image

Firefighter Exam For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-76946-1
432 pages
February 2011
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Part I: So You Want to Be a Firefighter? Get Ready!

Chapter 1: Getting the Lowdown on the Job of Firefighter.

Chapter 2: Throwing Your Hat in the Ring: Applying to Be a Firefighter.

Chapter 3: Preparing Yourself for the Firefighter Exam.

Part II: Gearing Up to Take the Test: The Written Exam.

Chapter 4: Showing Off Your Reading and Verbal Comprehension.

Chapter 5: Mastering Verbal Expression.

Chapter 6: Testing Your Observation and Memory.

Chapter 7: Sizing Up Your Spatial Orientation Skills.

Chapter 8: Making Decisions Based on Reasoning and Judgment.

Chapter 9: Performing Mathematical Calculations.

Chapter 10: Mechanical Aptitude: Knowing the Nuts and Bolts of Machines.

Chapter 11: Acing the National Firefighter Selection Inventory Test.

Part III: Demonstrating Physical, Mental, and Emotional Fitness with Interactive Tests.

Chapter 12: Show Them What You Can Do: Passing the Physical Exam.

Chapter 13: Acing Your Oral Interview.

Chapter 14: Knowing What to Expect During Medical and Psychological Testing.

Part IV: Practice Firefighter Exams.

Chapter 15: Practice Exam 1.

Chapter 16: Practice Exam 1: Answers and Explanations.

Chapter 17: Practice Exam 2.

Chapter 18: Practice Exam 2: Answers and Explanations.

Chapter 19: Practice Exam 3.

Chapter 20: Practice Exam 3: Answers and Explanations.

Chapter 21: Practice Exam 4: The National Firefighter Selection Inventory (NFSI).

Chapter 22: Practice Exam 4: Answers and Explanations.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired.

Chapter 24: Ten Things Every Firefighter Should Do.

Appendix: Observation and Memory Exercises.


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