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Filing and Winning Small Claims For Dummies (1118461045) cover image

Filing and Winning Small Claims For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-46104-4
360 pages
March 2013
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Introduction 1

Part I: Making Your Big Problem a Small Claim  5

Chapter 1: Understanding the Ins and Outs of Small Claims Court 7

Chapter 2: Deciding if Your Case Belongs in Small Claims Court 15

Chapter 3: Evaluating Whether You Need a Lawyer 35

Chapter 4: Classifying Your Claim: Figuring Out What Kind of Case You Have 47

Chapter 5: What’s the Damage: Understanding Different Types of Damages 67

Part II: Getting Ready to Go to Court  83

Chapter 6: Just the Facts, Jack: Gathering Your Information 85

Chapter 7: Dealing with the Clerk 95

Chapter 8: Informing the Defendant About the Case 103

Chapter 9: Looking at Your Options: Considering Alternatives to Trial 119

Chapter 10: In Your Defense: Advice for the Defendant 129

Part III: Presenting Your Case in Court  139

Chapter 11: Mastering Courtroom Etiquette 141

Chapter 12: Providing the Proof You Need to Make Your Case 159

Chapter 13: Handling Live Witnesses Well 173

Chapter 14: Sounding Like a Lawyer in the Courtroom 193

Chapter 15: Understanding the Judge’s Decision 211

Part IV: Dealing with Specific Problems  217

Chapter 16: Getting Hit Where You Live: Contract Cases Involving Your Home 219

Chapter 17: Getting the Business: Suing over Business Transactions 235

Chapter 18: Getting Personal: Suing Those Closest to You 251

Chapter 19: Pardon My French: Understanding Tort Cases 263

Chapter 20: Looking at Legal Issues in the Internet Age 275

Part V: Handling Post-Trial Issues  285

Chapter 21: Getting the Verdict and Collecting Your Judgment 287

Chapter 22: Appealing a Decision 299

Part VI: The Part of Tens  307

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Improve Your Odds of Winning in Court 309

Chapter 24: Ten Blunders to Avoid 313

Glossary 317

Index 329

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