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Fast Diets For Dummies (1118775090) cover image

Fast Diets For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-77509-7
312 pages
November 2013
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Fast Diets 5

Chapter 1: Fasting — Nature’s Ultimate Fat-Burning Secret Weapon 7

Chapter 2: Navigating the Science of Fasting 19

Chapter 3: Tapping Into a Successful Fasting Mindset 43

Part II: Identifying Practical Fasting Practices 57

Chapter 4: Dieting Sporadically: Intermittent Fasting 59

Chapter 5: Taking a Different Approach: The 5:2 Diet 75

Chapter 6: Micro-Fasting: The No-Breakfast Solution 89

Chapter 7: Eating One Meal a Day: The Warrior Diet 101

Part III: Your Launch Pad to Fasting: Your Kitchen and Recipes 113

Chapter 8: Restocking Your Kitchen with Foods You Can Eat during Your Fast and Meals 115

Chapter 9: For Women: 500-Calorie Meal Recipes 139

Chapter 10: For Men: 600-Calorie Meal Recipes 173

Part IV: Incorporating Lifestyle Practices for Success 207

Chapter 11: Comprehending the Effects of Fasting on Exercise and Vice Versa 209

Chapter 12: Putting Together Your Fasting Exercise Program 219

Chapter 13: Living the Fasting Lifestyle on a Daily Basis 249

Part V: The Part of Tens 265

Chapter 14: Ten Ways to Stave Off Hunger 267

Chapter 15: Ten Ways to Stay Motivated 273

Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Feel Energized When You’re Fasting 281

Index 287

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