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Family Tree Maker For Dummies (0764506617) cover image

Family Tree Maker For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0661-1
380 pages
December 1999
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PART I: Putting Your House in Order.

Chapter 1: Getting Started.

Chapter 2: Starting with the One You Know Best -- You.

Chapter 3: Giving the Lowdown on Others.

Chapter 4: Say Cheese! (Using the Scrapbook Feature).

Chapter 5: Deleting Undesirables (And Other Ways to Fix Data).

PART II: Your Handy-Dandy Research Partner.

Chapter 6: Mandatory Chapter on Citing Sources.

Chapter 7: Tools to Make Your (Research) Life Easier.

Chapter 8: Hit the Web at the Click of a Button.

PART III: Share and Share Alike.

Chapter 9: Trees, Trees Everywhere.

Chapter 10: News, Get Your News Here.

Chapter 11: Writing Your Own Book.

Chapter 12: Exporting Relatives With Your Computer.

PART IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 13: Ten Things You Can Do to Reduce Stress.

Chapter 14: Ten Bonuses in the Deluxe Package.

Chapter 15: Ten Things That Can Save You Time.

Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Avoid Calling Tech Support.

PART V: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Installing the Program.

Appendix B: What Does This Mean? (A Glossary of Terms).


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