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Energy Investing For Dummies (1118116410) cover image

Energy Investing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-11641-8
360 pages
September 2013
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Energy Investing 7

Chapter 1: Powering Your Portfolio: Energy in Brief 9

Chapter 2: Making a Connection 15

Chapter 3: A Bright Investment: Running the World Takes a Lot of Energy 33

Chapter 4: Getting Ready: The Nuts and Bolts of Energy Investing 51

Chapter 5: Risks and Rewards of Energy Investing 67

Part II: Oil and Gas Investments: Greasing the Global Economy 79

Chapter 6: The Crude Basics 81

Chapter 7: Grasping Gas 99

Chapter 8: Buying the Barrel, Trading the Therm 117

Chapter 9: Drilling Down, Extracting Profits: Investing in Oil and Gas Companies 131

Chapter 10: Investing in Oil and Gas Indexes and Funds 145

Part III: Investing in Coal 161

Chapter 11: Coal: Still the King 163

Chapter 12: The Future of Coal 175

Chapter 13: Coal: Mining for Profits 185

Part IV: The Nuclear Option 197

Chapter 14: Nuclear Energy Basics 199

Chapter 15: Uranium in Your Cranium 211

Chapter 16: Harnessing Nuclear Power for Profit 223

Part V: Investing in the Future: Modern Energy 235

Chapter 17: Solar Investing: It’s Raining Electrons 237

Chapter 18: When the Winds Change Direction 249

Chapter 19: Geothermal: The Devil’s Hot Tub 259

Chapter 20: Transportation: Plugged-In and Corn-Fed 265

Chapter 21: Effi ciency: Doing More with Less 275

Chapter 22: Investing in Modern Energy 289

Part VI: The Part of Tens 297

Chapter 23: Top Ten Energy Investment Resources 299

Chapter 24: Top Ten Energy Data to Track 303

Chapter 25: Top Ten Energy ETFs 309

Chapter 26: Top Ten Energy Developments on the Horizon 313

Index 321

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