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Electronic Health Records For Dummies (1118023935) cover image

Electronic Health Records For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-02393-8
384 pages
December 2010
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Part I: Health Information Technology Basics.

Chapter 1: Understanding EHRs.

Chapter 2: Understanding What’s Available: The ABCs of EHRs.

Chapter 3: Finding Help and Oversight.

Part II: Planning for an EHR.

Chapter 4: Assessing Readiness.

Chapter 5: Determining the Cost, Benefi ts, and ROI.

Chapter 6: Selecting Your Vendor Partner.

Chapter 7: Partnerships and Contracts.

Part III: I've Bought a System, Now What? Implementing an EHR.

Chapter 8: Changing the Way You Work: Workfl ow Redesign.

Chapter 9: Assigning New Roles and Responsibilities.

Chapter 10: Considering Security and Privacy.

Chapter 11: Training for Success.

Chapter 12: Communicating and Marketing Your EHR.

Chapter 13: Surviving the Go-Live.

Part IV: Optimizing and Improving Your EHR.

Chapter 14: Keeping Your Patients Healthy with an EHR.

Chapter 15: Directing Patient Access and Communication.

Chapter 16: Improving and Tweaking the System.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Ten EHR-Related Web Sites.

Chapter 18: Ten Problems (And Solutions) You'll Face.

Chapter 19: Ten Questions to Ask (And Answer).

Appendix A: Alphabet Soup.

Appendix B: Regional Extension Centers.

Appendix C: Medicare and Medicaid Incentives.


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