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Doing Business in China For Dummies (0470049294) cover image

Doing Business in China For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-04929-7
384 pages
August 2007
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Part I: Building Your Foundation.

Chapter 1: So You Want to Do Business in China.

Chapter 2: Brushing Up on China Business Basics.

Chapter 3: Getting Acquainted with the Powers That Be: China’s History and Leadership.

Chapter 4: Planning for Success in China.

Part II: Starting Up in China.

Chapter 5: Traveling to and around China.

Chapter 6: Getting Business Going through Successful Negotiation.

Chapter 7: Setting Up Shop.

Chapter 8: Understanding Government Relations with Your Business.

Chapter 9: Building a Local Team in China.

Chapter 10: Getting Your Mind on Money.

Part III: Conducting Daily Business.

Chapter 11: Understanding How China Works (and Doesn’t Work).

Chapter 12: Sourcing from China.

Chapter 13: Manufacturing in China.

Chapter 14: Selling in China.

Part IV: Building Successful Business Relationships.

Chapter 15: Fostering Fruitful Friendships: The Art of Guan Xi.

Chapter 16: Saying and Doing the Right Things: Chinese Business Etiquette.

Chapter 17: Managing Risks in China.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Clauses You Want in Your Contracts.

Chapter 19: Ten Fun Ways to Spend Your Downtime in China.

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Stay on the Path to Profitability.


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