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Digital Photos, Movies, & Music Gigabook For Dummies (0764578537) cover image

Digital Photos, Movies, & Music Gigabook For Dummies

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Book I: Digital Photography.

Part I: Getting Ready for Digital Photography.

Chapter 1: Becoming a Digital Photography Maven.

Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Camera.

Chapter 3: Solving the Computer Side of the Digital Equation.

Chapter 4: Connecting the Camera and Computer.

Chapter 5: Choosing a Printer and Scanner.

Chapter 6: Accessorizing Your Digital Camera.

Part II: Snap To! Shooting Great Pictures.

Chapter 7: Understanding Photo Composition.

Chapter 8: Moving into Close-Up Photography.

Chapter 9: Photographing People.

Chapter 10: Shooting for Publication.

Chapter 11: Sports and Action Photography.

Chapter 12: Travel Photography.

Part III: Editing with Photoshop Elements.

Chapter 13: Comparing Photoshop Elements to Other Image Editors.

Chapter 14: Making Selections.

Chapter 15: Brushing Away Your Digital Images’ Imperfections.

Chapter 16: Restoring Images.

Chapter 17: Correcting Faded, Funny, and Funky Colors.

Chapter 18: Restoring and Enhancing Photos with Filters and Special Effects.

Part IV: Organizing, Printing, and Sharing Your Pictures.

Chapter 19: Storing and Organizing Your Digital Photos.

Chapter 20: Printing Your Final Result.

Chapter 21: Sharing Pictures on the Web.

Book II: Digital Movies.

Part I: Getting Ready for Video.

Chapter 1: Introducing Digital Video.

Chapter 2: Choosing a Camcorder.

Chapter 3: Preparing Your Computer for Video.

Chapter 4: Getting the Right Accessories.

Part II: Action! Shooting Fun Footage.

Chapter 5: Shooting Great Digital Video.

Chapter 6: Importing Video Clips.

Chapter 7: Importing Audio.

Part III: The Cutting Room Floor: Editing Your Video.

Chapter 8: Choosing Your Video-Editing Software.

Chapter 9: Basic Video Editing.

Chapter 10: Adding Transitions and Titles.

Chapter 11: Using Special Effects in iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Chapter 12: Adding Audio to the Mix.

Part IV: Outputting Your Movies.

Chapter 13: Exporting Digital Video to Tape.

Chapter 14: Putting Your Movies on the Internet.

Part V: Filmography Tips.

Chapter 15: Video Preproduction: Planning, Storyboarding, and Scripting.

Chapter 16: Digital Video Production Tips.

Book III: Digital Music.

Part I: Transforming Your Computer into a Music Machine.

Chapter 1: Digital Music Hath Charms.

Chapter 2: Using Your Computer as a Music Platform.

Chapter 3: Playing MP3 Files on Your Computer and Home Stereo.

Chapter 4: Internet Radio on Your Computer.

Chapter 5: Attending Internet Concerts.

Part II: Getting Music on Your Hard Drive.

Chapter 6: Ripping CDs into MP3s.

Chapter 7: Choosing an Online Music Vendor.

Chapter 8: Buying Music with iTunes.

Part III: Organizing Your Music.

Chapter 9: Downloading and Editing Song Information.

Chapter 10: Organizing Your iTunes Music Library.

Part IV: Using a Portable Music Player.

Chapter 11: Choosing a Portable Music Player.

Chapter 12: Syncing an iPod to Your Mac.

Book IV: CD & DVD Recording.

Part I: Shake Hands with Your Recorder.

Chapter 1: Optical Storage (Or It’s All in the Pits).

Chapter 2: Buying Your Recording Beast.

Chapter 3: DVD Is the Cat’s Meow.

Chapter 4: Poof! You’re a Computer Technician.

Part II: Measure Twice, Cut Once: Preparing for Recording.

Chapter 5: Choosing Recording Software.

Chapter 6: Preparing Your Computer for CD and DVD Recording.

Chapter 7: Making Choices Before Your Recording Session.

Part III: Starting the Recording Process.

Chapter 8: Taking Easy Media Creator for a Spin.

Chapter 9: Toasting Mac Discs.

Chapter 10: Burning Data with Drag-to-Disc.

Part IV: Meeting Your Data Storage Needs.

Chapter 11: Heavy-Duty Recording.

Chapter 12: Burning Large Files to DVD.


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