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Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies (0470887427) cover image

Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-88742-4
368 pages
October 2010
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Part I: Lighting Basics.

Chapter 1: Lighting: An Overview.

Chapter 2: Defining Light in a Photographic Capacity.

Chapter 3: Getting Familiar with the Camera Settings that Control Light.

Chapter 4: Tooling Up: A Rundown of Lights, Gadgets, and Gewgaws.

Part II: Let There Be Light: Measuring and Manipulating Light.

Chapter 5: Measuring Light: It’s All about Metering.

Chapter 7: Using Lighting Equipment to Create the Effect You Want.

Part III: Lighting for Different Conditions.

Chapter 8: From Dawn Till Dusk: Lighting the Great Outdoors.

Chapter 9: An Exciting New World: Shooting at Night.

Chapter 10: Lighting in the Studio.

Chapter 11: Rooms with a View: Lighting Interiors.

Part IV: Making Ordinary Photos Extraordinary with Lighting.

Chapter 12: Portrait Lighting.

Chapter 13: Lighting Advanced Subjects.

Chapter 14: Capturing the Action: Event Photography.

Chapter 15: Painting with Light.

Chapter 16: Correcting and Embellishing Lighting Postproduction.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Avoiding Ten Rookie Lighting Mistakes.

Chapter 18: Ten Aspects of Light to Consider Before You Shoot.


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