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Debt Repair Kit For Dummies, Australian Edition (1742169414) cover image

Debt Repair Kit For Dummies, Australian Edition

ISBN: 978-1-74216-941-5
240 pages
May 2010
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Part I: Taking Stock of Your Credit Situation.

Chapter 1 : The Lowdown on Credit Essentials: Just What You Need to Know.

Chapter 2 : Credit Pleasure and Pain.

Chapter 3 : Understanding the Laws Governing Your Credit Contract.

Chapter 4 : Yours, Mine and Ours: Involving Others in Your Finances.

Part II: Landmarks of the Credit System.

Chapter 5 : Discovering Your Credit Standing.

Chapter 6 : Dealing with Identity Theft.

Chapter 7 : Your Right to Privacy and Consumer Protection.

Part III: Getting Through Tough Times.

Chapter 8 : Dealing With Debt Payment Demands.

Chapter 9 : Risking Your Home and Possessions.

Chapter 10 : Protecting Yourself When You Can't Pay.

Chapter 11 : Coping Financially at Life's Crossroads.

Part IV: Taking Control of Your Finances.

Chapter 12 : Who Can You Turn To?

Chapter 13 : Reorganising Your Debts and Credits.

Chapter 14 : Budgeting for Your Future.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15 : Ten Tips to Avoid Identity Theft or Reduce Its Damage.

Chapter 16 : Ten Ways to Keep Your Home from a Mortgagee Sale.

Chapter 17 : Ten Ways to Make Your Credit the Best It Can Be.

Chapter 18 : Ten Ways to Successfully Manage Financial Emergencies.

Appendix A: Glossary.

Appendix B: About the Website.


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