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DOS For Dummies Quick Reference , 3rd Edition (0764503685) cover image

DOS For Dummies Quick Reference , 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0368-9
208 pages
June 1998
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Put away your secret decoder rings and pick up a copy of the latest edition of DOS For Dummies Quick Reference, 3rd Edition, the only book you'll ever need to take the mystery out of those strange, enigmatic commands in DOS-speak. Even if you've upgraded to the snazzy new Windows operating system, you may have times when those old DOS commands (which have been around since the first IBM computers appeared) may come in handy. What's a person to do?

Grab yourself a copy of DOS For Dummies Quick Reference, 3rd Edition, and keep it near your computer for quick, step-by-step instructions for doing almost anything in DOS. Author Greg Harvey has packed all the do's and don'ts of DOS together in one handy guide, written in language you can understand. Flip open the comb-bound, lay-flat book and let your fingers do the walking through the land of DOS, alphabetized from A to Z, to find fast answers to your questions. Whether you're running the original DOS or just playing DOS games under the latest versions of Windows, you'll find that this slim little reference book can be a big, big help. Plus, DOS For Dummies Quick Reference, 3rd Edition, features a Techie Talk" glossary in the back of the book to keep you from stumbling over words and phrases like clusters, FATs, sectors, and TSRs.
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