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Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition (1118017676) cover image

Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-01767-8
672 pages
January 2011
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Book I: Establish a Web Presence.

Chapter 1: Getting Up and Running.

Chapter 2: WordPress.

Chapter 3: Squarespace.

Chapter 4: Connecting Your Site to the Social Web.

Chapter 5: Analyzing Your Web-Site Traffic with Google Analytics.

Book II: Web Design.

Chapter 1: Best Practices in Web Design.

Chapter 2: Organizing and Navigating Your Web Site.

Chapter 3: Designing for Mobile Visitors.


Chapter 1: Exploring HTML and XHTML Documents.

Chapter 2: Working with Text and Links.

Chapter 3: Presenting Information with Lists and Tables.

Chapter 4: Adding Images.

Chapter 5: Divvying Up the Page with divs.

Chapter 6: Creating Forms.

Chapter 7: HTML5 Video and Audio.

Book IV: Style with CSS.

Chapter 1: Styling Your Web Pages with Cascading Style Sheets.

Chapter 2: Selectively Speaking: Working with Selectors.

Chapter 3: Formatting Text.

Chapter 4: The Gang of Four: Formatting Box Properties.

Chapter 5: Positioning with CSS.

Book V: JavaScript and Ajax.

Chapter 1: Understanding How Scripting Works.

Chapter 2: Programming in JavaScript.

Chapter 3: JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks.

Chapter 4: Understanding the Document Object Model.

Chapter 5: Adding Event Handlers to Your Web Page.

Chapter 6: Useful Things to Know When Scripting.

Chapter 7: Introducing Ajax.

Book VI: Graphics.

Chapter 1: Understanding Web Graphics.

Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Graphics.

Chapter 3: Image Rollovers.

Book VII: Microsoft Expression Web.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Microsoft Expression Web.

Chapter 2: Express Yourself: Creating Your First Site with Expression Web.

Chapter 3: Working with Text, Graphics, and Links.

Chapter 4: Laying Out Your Page with Expression Web.

Chapter 5: “Been There, Formatted That” with Dynamic Web Templates.

Book VIII: Adobe Dreamweaver.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Dreamweaver.

Chapter 2: Nuts and Bolts: Creating Your First Dreamweaver Web Site.

Chapter 3: Formatting and Layout Basics.

Chapter 4: Enhanced Page Elements: Flash Controls and Spry Widgets.

Chapter 5: Forms Follow Function.

Chapter 6: Working with CSS.

Chapter 7: When DWT Calls: Using Templates for a Consistent Look.

Chapter 8: Think Outside the Page: Managing Your Web Site.

Book IX: Adobe Flash.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Adobe Flash.

Chapter 2: Working with the Stage and Layers.

Chapter 3: Working with Symbols.

Chapter 4: Making Movies.

Chapter 5: Publishing Your Movie.


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