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Core Strength For Dummies (0470417773) cover image

Core Strength For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-41777-5
364 pages
December 2008
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Part I: Core Basics.

Chapter 1: Finding Your Core Strength.

Chapter 2: Reshaping Your Core.

Chapter 3: Getting Started: Your Core Guidelines.

Chapter 4: Things to Consider Before Taking the Core Challenge.

Part II: Core Workouts to Help Sculpt Your Trouble Areas.

Chapter 5: Getting Started with Beginner Core Exercises.

Chapter 6: Getting That Six-Pack: Abdominal Core Superset.

Chapter 7: Core Workout for a Better Butt.

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together.

Part III: Developing Core Strength Using Accessories.

Chapter 9: Challenging Your Core on the Ball.

Chapter 10: Adding Weights for Core Strength.

Part IV: Adding Variety to Your Core Routine.

Chapter 11: Pilates Core Program.

Chapter 12: Yoga Core.

Chapter 13: Working Your Core While Exercising Other Muscles.

Chapter 14: Core Stretches to Help Whittle Your Middle.

Part V: Special Situations.

Chapter 15: Pregnancy Moves for Your Core.

Chapter 16: New Mommy and Me Core Workout.

Chapter 17: Exercises For Kids to Help Build Core Strength.

Chapter 18: Seniors Taking the Core Challenge.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Best Ways to Train Your Core.

Chapter 20: Ten Core-Conscious Dietary Changes You Can Easily Make.

Chapter 21: Ten Household Items You Can Use to Help Improve Core Strength.

Chapter 22: Ten Favorite Moves.


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