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Contract Law For Dummies (1118092732) cover image

Contract Law For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-09273-6
384 pages
December 2011
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Introduction 1

Part I: Introducing Contract Law and Contract Formation 7

Chapter 1: Getting the Lowdown on Contract Law 9

Chapter 2: Let's Make a Deal: Offer and Acceptance 23

Chapter 3: Sealing the Deal: The Doctrine of Consideration 45

Chapter 4: Noting Exceptions: Promises Enforceable without a Contract 63

Part II: Determining Whether a Contract Is Void, Voidable, or Unenforceable 77

Chapter 5: Introducing Contract Defenses 79

Chapter 6: Considering Whether an Agreement Is Unenforceable Due to Illegality or Unfairness 89

Chapter 7: Evaluating the Parties' Ability to Make the Contract 105

Chapter 8: Assessing the Enforceability of Oral Agreements 119

Part III: Analyzing Contract Terms and Their Meaning 135

Chapter 9: Evaluating Unwritten Terms with the Parol Evidence Rule 137

Chapter 10: Finding Unwritten Terms That Complete the Contract 151

Chapter 11: Interpreting Contracts 169

Part IV: Performing the Contract or Breaching It 183

Chapter 12: Evaluating Whether Contract Modifi cations Are Enforceable 185

Chapter 13: Deciding Whether Unforeseen Events Excuse Performance 201

Chapter 14: Checking for Conditional Language 213

Chapter 15: Breaching the Contract by Anticipatory Repudiation 235

Part V: Exploring Remedies for Breach of Contract 247

Chapter 16: Examining How Courts Handle Breach of Contract 249

Chapter 17: Exploring Remedies in Article 2 of the UCC 267

Chapter 18: Checking for Additional Remedies 285

Part VI: Bringing Third Parties into the Picture 303

Chapter 19: Deciding Whether a Third Party Can Enforce or Interfere with a Contract 305

Chapter 20: Acknowledging the Rights and Duties of Third Parties 315

Part VII: The Part of Tens 325

Chapter 21: Ten Questions to Ask When Analyzing a Contracts Problem 327

Chapter 22: Ten Notable People (And Philosophies) in Contract Law 337

Appendix: Glossary 341

Index 345

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