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Consumer Behavior For Dummies (0470449837) cover image

Consumer Behavior For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-44983-7
384 pages
May 2009
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Part I: Introduction to Consumer Behavior.

Chapter 1: Consumer Behavior: The Basics.

Chapter 2: Understanding How Consumers Make Purchase Decisions.

Chapter 3: Applying Consumer Behavior to Marketing Strategy.

Part II: Delving Into the Psychology of the Individual Consumer.

Chapter 4: Recognizing Need and Desire: Motivation and Emotion.

Chapter 5: Supplying Information and Infl uencing Perception.

Chapter 6: Uncovering Attitudes: General and Lasting Evaluations.

Chapter 7: Defi ning the Role of Identity: Self-Concepts and Lifestyle.

Part III: Consumers in Their Social and Cultural Settings.

Chapter 8: Cultural Influences.

Chapter 9: The Infl uences of Household Structure and Role.

Chapter 10: The Power of the Masses: Group Influences.

Chapter 11: Defying Legislated or Moral Laws: Consumer Misbehavior.

Part IV: Crafting Your Marketing Strategy.

Chapter 12: Conducting Market Research.

Chapter 13: Identifying Target Markets through Segmentation.

Chapter 14: Unearthing New Market Opportunities.

Part V: Implementing Your Strategy with a Marketing Plan.

Chapter 15: Understanding Marketing Ethics.

Chapter 16: Evoking Awareness through Positioning.

Chapter 17: Leading Customers from Attention to Action.

Chapter 18: Convincing Consumers to Adopt New Products or Changes in Terms.

Chapter 19: Cultivating Customer Loyalty.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Easy Ways to Enhance Customer Satisfaction.

Chapter 21: Ten Special Considerations for Business-to-Business Marketing.

Appendix: Glossary.


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