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Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies For Dummies (0470184086) cover image

Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-18408-0
384 pages
March 2008
US $21.99 Add to Cart
Other Available Formats: E-book

Part I: Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies: The Improbable Wedded to the Inscrutable.

Chapter 1: Everything You Know Is Wrong.

Chapter 2: Conspiracism and the Origin of Modern Conspiracy Theories.

Chapter 3: Building the Perfect Beast: Secret Societies through the Ages.

Part II: A Colossal Compilation of Conspiracy Theories.

Chapter 4: Everybody Knows About It: The World’s Most Common Conspiracy Theories.

Chapter 5: JFK and Other Presidents: The Conspiracies Behind the Guns.

Chapter 6: The World Ends Monday — Racial, Religious, and Apocalyptic Conspiracies.

Chapter 7: Not of This Earth: Innocent Pawns in an Intergalactic Imbroglio.

Chapter 8: Tracking the Evolution of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories.

Part III: Secret Societies and Societies with Secrets.

Chapter 9: The Freemasons: The World’s Longest-Running Secret Society.

Chapter 10: Rosicrucians and the Evolution of Occult Secret Societies.

Chapter 11: The Illuminati: The Bavarian Boogeymen.

Chapter 12: Secret Societies of Terror and Death.

Chapter 13: Frolicsome Fraternalism and Nefarious Foes of Freedom.

Chapter 14: Thugs, Mugs, and Lugs: The Mafia and Other Underworld Societies.

Chapter 15: Banks and Super Committees: Knowing All, Owning All, Controlling All.

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Conspiracy Theories That Skirt the Edge of Madness.

Chapter 17: Ten Conspiracies That Were Absolutely True.

Chapter 18: Ten Weirdest Secret Societies of All Time.


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