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Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies (0470595752) cover image

Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-59575-6
360 pages
December 2009
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Part I: Understanding Conflict in the Workplace.

Chapter 1: An Overview of Confl ict Resolution at Work.

Chapter 2: Understanding What People Bring to Conflict.

Chapter 3: Determining How Groups Contribute to Conflict.

Chapter 4: Practicing Self-Awareness: Understanding How Managers Foster Conflict.

Chapter 5: Knowing When to Address Conflict.

Part II: Resolving a Conflict between Two or More of Your Employees.

Chapter 6: Developing a Plan and Preparing for a Meeting.

Chapter 7: Starting a Mediation Meeting and Creating a Working Agenda.

Chapter 8: Negotiating Possible Solutions to a Conflict.

Chapter 9: Offering Proposals and Crafting Agreements.

Chapter 10: Adapting a Confl ict Meeting for the Entire Team.

Chapter 11: Monitoring Agreements and Progress.

Part III: Using Additional Resources to Resolve the Conflict.

Chapter 12: Keeping a Team Focused During a Conflict.

Chapter 13: Determining How Your Company Can Help.

Chapter 14: Getting Outside Experts to Facilitate Resolutions.

Part IV: Smoothly Handling Conflict When You’re One of the People Involved.

Chapter 15: Identifying What Both Sides Want.

Chapter 16: Asking for a Meeting to Talk about the Conflict.

Chapter 17: Sitting Down to Talk Through the Issues.

Chapter 18: Tailoring Your Approach to the Organizational Chart.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Things You Can Control When You’re in an Unresolved Conflict.

Chapter 20: Ten Reasons Managers Give for Not Addressing Conflict.

Chapter 21: Ten Pearls of Wisdom from Professional Mediators.


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