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Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques For Dummies (0470713798) cover image

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Techniques For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-71379-2
396 pages
February 2012
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Part I: Introducing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.

Chapter 1: The Principles behind CBC.

Chapter 2: The Basics of CBC.

Chapter 3: Agreeing the Aims and Scope of CBC.

Chapter 4: Assessing the Attributes of the CB Coach.

Part II: The CBC Process.

Chapter 5: Sounding Out the First Session.

Chapter 6: Challenging Unconstructive Thoughts.

Chapter 7: Managing Setbacks and Obstacles.

Chapter 8: Focusing on the Final Session and Continuous Development.

Chapter 9: Managing Self: Developing Self-Confidence.

Part III: The CBC Toolkit in Work and Life.

Chapter 10: Exploring Your Client’s Potential.

Chapter 11: Working with Relationships.

Chapter 12: Making Choices and Decisions.

Chapter 13: Achieving a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle.

Chapter 14: Managing Career Transitions.

Chapter 15: Meeting the Manager as Coach.

Chapter 16: Addressing Performance Issues.

Part IV: Applying CBC in Organisations.

Chapter 17: Exploring Emotions and Communication in the Workplace.

Chapter 18: Coaching Teams.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Develop a Positive Focus.

Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Accept You’re Human.

Chapter 21: Ten Imagery Exercises to Develop Confidence.



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