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Business Valuation For Dummies (0470523387) cover image

Business Valuation For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-52338-4
364 pages
April 2009
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Part I: What Business Valuation Means.

Chapter 1: The Value of Understanding Business Valuation.

Chapter 2: What Triggers a Business Valuation?

Chapter 3: Understanding the Tangibles and Intangibles of Business Valuation.

Chapter 4: Approaches and Methods — Basic Theories of the Valuation Process.

Chapter 5: The Challenge of Valuation in a Knowledge Economy.

Part II: Getting Familiar with Valuation Tools, Principles, and Resources.

Chapter 6: Getting Familiar with a Typical Valuation Report.

Chapter 7: Meeting the Supporting Players in the Valuation Process.

Chapter 8: Understanding Financial Statements.

Chapter 9: Using Rule-of-Thumb Valuations for Mom-and-Pop Businesses.

Part III: If You’re Selling a Business . . . .

Chapter 10: Making Sure You’re Ready to Sell.

Chapter 11: Deciding What to Do about the Family Company.

Chapter 12: Due Diligence on the Sell Side.

Chapter 13: Case Study: Valuation on the Sell Side.

Part IV: If You’re Buying a Business . . . .

Chapter 14: How Do You Know Whether You’re Ready to Buy?

Chapter 15: Moving from Valuation to Negotiation.

Chapter 16: Due Diligence on the Buy Side.

Chapter 17: Forensic Accounting and the Due Diligence Process.

Chapter 18: Case Study: Valuation on the Buy Side.

Part V: Don’t Try This at Home! Turning Things Over to the Valuation Experts.

Chapter 19: Divorce.

Chapter 20: Estate Planning and Gifting.

Chapter 21: Attracting Outside Investors to Your Startup.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Reasons to Consider a Prenup.

Chapter 23: Ten Questions to Answer Before Considering a Partnership Agreement.

Chapter 24: Ten Things to Consider Before Transforming Your Company Into an ESOP.



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