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Business NLP For Dummies (0470697571) cover image

Business NLP For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-69757-3
378 pages
January 2009
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Part I: The Difference That Makes the Difference.

Chapter 1: Achieving Business Excellence with NLP.

Chapter 2: Overcoming the Barriers to Success.

Chapter 3: Utilising NLP Principles at Work.

Part II: Building Working Relationships That Work.

Chapter 4: Understanding More, Achieving More through Communication.

Chapter 5: Making Sense of Other People for Better Influence.

Chapter 6: Building Rapport: The Heart of Successful Relationships.

Chapter 7: Using Words to Get Results.

Chapter 8: Choosing and Anchoring Positive Emotions.

Part III: Leading People to Perform.

Chapter 9: Leading from Within: Managing Your Emotions.

Chapter 10: Inspiring and Motivating with Artfully Vague Language.

Chapter 11: Giving Feedback to Fuel Improvement.

Chapter 12: Coaching for Peak Performance.

Chapter 13: Handling Diffi cult People.

Part IV: Achieving Business Excellence.

Chapter 14: Creating a Compelling Vision.

Chapter 15: Maximising Success through Change.

Chapter 16: Setting and Achieving Goals.

Chapter 17: Modelling Winning Performance.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Business Benefi ts of NLP.

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Using NLP in Business.

Chapter 20: Ten Online NLP Resources.

Chapter 21: Ten Great Reads to Build Your Business NLP Library.


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