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Building Wealth All-in-One For Canadians For Dummies (1118223969) cover image

Building Wealth All-in-One For Canadians For Dummies

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Introduction 1

Book I: The Basics of Building Wealth 7

Chapter 1: The Basics of Building Wealth 9

Chapter 2: Playing It Safe 23

Chapter 3: Mind your Rs and Ts: RRSPs and TFSAs 39

Book II: Making Money with Mutual Funds 53

Chapter 1: Understanding Mutual Funds 55

Chapter 2: Figuring Out Fees — Discount or Full-Service Brokers?  77

Chapter 3: Surveying Your Fund Options 109

Book III: The Skinny on Stocks 153

Chapter 1: Building Wealth through Investing in Stocks 155

Chapter 2: Gathering and Deciphering Stock Information 177

Chapter 3: Going for Brokers 209

Book IV: Trials and Tribulations of Trading 233

Chapter 1: Trying Out Trading: The Basics 235

Chapter 2: The Fundamentals: Economics and Stock Market Metrics 247

Chapter 3: Nearly Everything You Wanted to Know about Technical Analysis 273

Chapter 4: Money Management Techniques and Trading System Tips 297

Chapter 5: The Skinny on Swing Trading and Derivatives 325

Book V: Delving into Day Trading 359

Chapter 1: Making a Day Trade of It 361

Chapter 2: Regulations and Taxes 393

Chapter 3: Managing Stress and Your Positions 411

Chapter 4: Using Fundamental and Technical Analysis 433

Chapter 5: Leverage and Arbitrage 465

Book VI: Reviewing Real Estate Investing 487

Chapter 1: Introducing Real Estate Investing 489

Chapter 2: Figuring Out Financing 509

Chapter 3: Scouting Properties: Where to Look and What to Look For 545

Chapter 4: Closing the Deal 579

Index 607

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