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British Politics For Dummies (0470686375) cover image

British Politics For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-68637-9
416 pages
January 2012
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Part I: The Basics of Politics.

Chapter 1: Taking in the Political Universe.

Chapter 2: Understanding Why Politics and Politicians Are Important.

Chapter 3: Looking at Participatory Democracy.

Chapter 4: Examining Political Ideologies.

Chapter 5: Forming the British Political State.

Part II: Elections and Britain’s Parties.

Chapter 6: Counting the Votes: Differing Electoral Systems.

Chapter 7: Voting Behaviour and Trends.

Chapter 8: Homing in on Political Parties.

Chapter 9: Piling On the Pressure Groups.

Chapter 10: Scrutinising Politics and the Media.

Part III: The Ins and Outs of Parliament.

Chapter 11: Examining Britain’s Constitution.

Chapter 12: Britain’s Parliamentary Democracy.

Chapter 13: Gazing at the Summit: The PM and Cabinet.

Chapter 14: Assessing Ministers and Civil Servants.

Chapter 15: Taking in the Courts and Judiciary.

Chapter 16: Laying Bare Local Government and Devolution.

Chapter 17: Joining the Lawmakers: Becoming a Politician.

Part IV: Politics Worldwide.

Chapter 18: Understanding Britain’s Place in the World.

Chapter 19: Taking In the International Stage.

Chapter 20: Expanding Horizons: Europe and the EU.

Chapter 21: Leading the Free World: US Politics.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Great Prime Ministers.

Chapter 23: Ten Major Political Scandals.

Chapter 24: Ten Political Events that Shaped the Modern World.

Chapter 25: Ten Political Trends for the Future.


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