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Bridge For Dummies, 2nd Edition (1118052986) cover image

Bridge For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-05298-3
408 pages
March 2011
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Part I : Beginning with Basic Notrump Play.

Chapter 1: Going to Bridge Boot Camp.

Chapter 2: Counting and Taking Sure Tricks.

Chapter 3: Using Winning Trick Techniques at Notrump Play.

Chapter 4: Outsmarting Your Opponents at Notrump Play.

Part II: Playing the Hand in a Trump Contract.

Chapter 5: Introducing Trump Suits.

Chapter 6: Creating Extra Winners and Discarding Losers.

Chapter 7: Establishing the Dummy’s Long Suit.

Chapter 8: Getting Rid of Losers by Using the Dummy’s Trump Cards.

Part III: Bidding for Fun and Profit.

Chapter 9: Starting with Bidding Basics.

Chapter 10: Making a Successful Opening Bid.

Chapter 11: Responding to an Opening Bid.

Chapter 12: Rebidding by the Opener.

Chapter 13: Rebidding by the Responder.

Part IV: Taking Advantage of Advanced Bidding Techniques.

Chapter 14: Creating Interference: Defensive Bidding.

Chapter 15: Double Trouble: Doubling and Redoubling.

Chapter 16: Hitting Hard: Slam Bidding.

Part V: Playing a Strong Defense and Keeping Score.

Chapter 17: Defending against Notrump Contracts.

Chapter 18: Defending against Trump Contracts.

Chapter 19: Playing Second Hand.

Chapter 20: Wrapping Up with Scorekeeping.

Part VI: Becoming Addicted to Bridge.

Chapter 21: Joining Bridge Clubs and the Tournament World.

Chapter 22: Playing Bridge on Your Computer and the Internet.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Be Kind to Your Partner.

Chapter 24: Ten Great Bridge Resources (Besides This Book).


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