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Breastfeeding For Dummies (0764544810) cover image

Breastfeeding For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4481-1
360 pages
April 2004
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Part I: Getting Ready to Breastfeed.

Chapter 1: Deciding to Breastfeed.

Chapter 2: The Advantages of Breastfeeding.

Chapter 3: Is Breastfeeding Always Best?

Chapter 4: Preparing Physically and Mentally for Breastfeeding.

Chapter 5: Setting Up and Stocking Your Breastfeeding Space.

Part II: Putting Breastfeeding into Action.

Chapter 6: At the Hospital: Beginning to Breastfeed.

Chapter 7: At Home: Establishing the Breastfeeding Habit.

Chapter 8: Coping with Early Breastfeeding Problems.

Chapter 9: Breastfeeding in Special Circumstances.

Part III: Growing with Your Baby.

Chapter 10: Breastfeeding Through Different Ages and Stages.

Chapter 11: You and Your Spouse: Being a Breastfeeding Couple.

Chapter 12: Weaning the Baby.

Part IV: Breastfeeding in the Real World.

Chapter 13: Breastfeeding and the Working Mom.

Chapter 14: Balancing Breastfeeding and the Rest of Your Life.

Chapter 15: Upholding Your Legal Right to Breastfeed.

Chapter 16: Breastfeeding and Your Next Pregnancy.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: (Almost) Ten Little Things That Make Breastfeeding More Fun.

Chapter 18: Ten Resources for Breastfeeding.

Chapter 19: Ten Breastfeeding Wives’ Tales.


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