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Breast Cancer For Dummies (1118068718) cover image

Breast Cancer For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06871-7
388 pages
May 2011
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Part I: Will My Hair Fall Out? Coming to Grips with Breast Cancer.

Chapter 1: Tackling Breast Cancer One Step at a Time.

Chapter 2: Getting Hands On with Your Breasts.

Chapter 3: Understanding and Reducing Your Risk.

Chapter 4: Rebellion of the Mutated Genes: Reviewing Breast Cancer.

Part II: All Kinds of Oses — Diagnoses, Prognoses, and Treatment Options.

Chapter 5: Warming Up to Mammography, Sticking It Out During Biopsy.

Chapter 6: Decoding Your Pathology Report.

Chapter 7: Who Knew That All Cancer Is Also a Stage?

Chapter 8: Understanding Your Prognosis: Am I Going to Die?

Chapter 9: You Mean I Have a Choice? Finding the Right Treatment for You

Part III: Buckling Up — Traveling Through Treatment.

Chapter 10: Knowing What to Expect from Surgery.

Chapter 11: Knowing What to Expect from Radiation Therapy.

Chapter 12: Knowing What to Expect from Chemotherapy.

Chapter 13: Knowing What to Expect from Hormone Therapy.

Chapter 14: Giving Complementary Therapies Kudos.

Chapter 15: Regarding Reconstruction.

Chapter 16: Duking It Out with Recurrence.

Chapter 17: Boxing Back at the Double Whammy: Health Insurance and Money Woes.

Part IV: Living Life After Diagnosis.

Chapter 18: Putting on Some Chicken Soup: Looking After Yourself.

Chapter 19: Rekindling Intimacy After Treatment.

Chapter 20: Helping the One You Love: A Chapter for Family and Friends.

Chapter 21: No Kidding Around: Talking to Your Children.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Best Hospitals for Breast Cancer Treatment.

Chapter 23: Ten-Plus Helpful Resources.

Chapter 24: Ten-Plus American Cancer Society Resources.


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