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Blues Harmonica For Dummies (1118252691) cover image

Blues Harmonica For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-25269-7
384 pages
August 2012
US $22.99 Add to Cart
Introduction  1

Part I: So You Wanna Play Blues Harmonica?  7

Chapter 1: Connecting with the Blues 9

Chapter 2: Getting Your Harmonicas Together 17

Chapter 3: Deciphering the Code: A Blues Guide to Music Symbols 31

Part II: Doin’ the Crawl: Your First Harmonica Moves  55

Chapter 4: Breathing Life into the Harmonica 57

Chapter 5: Moving Around with Single Notes 73

Chapter 6: Creating Blues Harmonica Licks and Riffs 87

Chapter 7: Progressing Through the 12-Bar Blues 99

Part III: Beyond the Basics: Getting Bluesy  121

Chapter 8: Working with the Low and High Registers of the Harmonica 123

Chapter 9: Modulating and Punctuating Your Sound 137

Chapter 10: Enriching Your Sound with Textures 149

Chapter 11: Bending Notes: A Classic Part of the Blues Sound 169

Part IV: Developing Your Style  207

Chapter 12: Playing in Different Keys on a Single Harmonica 209

Chapter 13: Working Your Blues Chops in First Position 217

Chapter 14: Accelerating the Blues with Third Position 229

Chapter 15: Playing Blues Chromatic Harmonica in Third and First Positions 241

Chapter 16: Playing Blues in Minor Keys 259

Chapter 17: Groovin’ with Non-12-Bar Blues 271

Part V: Taking It to the Streets: Sharing Your Music  281

Chapter 18: Developing Your Blues Repertoire 283

Chapter 19: Blues Harmonica Amplification: Making a Big Noise with a Tiny Little Thang 297

Part VI: The Part of Tens  313

Chapter 20: Ten Things to Know about Sharing Your Music with Others 315

Chapter 21: Ten Important Periods and Styles in Blues Harmonica History 325

Part VII: Appendixes  333

Appendix A: Tuning Layouts for All Keys 335

Appendix B: About the CD 341

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. End-User License Agreement  349

Index  351

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