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Bird Watching For Dummies (0764550403) cover image

Bird Watching For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5040-9
464 pages
October 1997
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About This Book.

Why You Need This Book.

How to Use This Book.

How This Book Is Organized.

Part I: Watching Birds: A Natural Habit.

Part II: Backyard Bird Watching.

Part III: Bird Sighting 101: Using Your Tools.

Part IV: Beyond the Backyard.

Part V: Once You're Hooked.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.


Icons Used in This Book.

Part I: Watching Birds: A Natural Habit.

Chapter 1: Birds and the People Who Love Them.

Chapter 2: Tools that Take You Up Close and Personal.

Chapter 3: Identifying Birds ("If It Walks Like a Duck . . .").

Chapter 4: Watching Bird Behavior.

Chapter 5: Bird Sounds: News and Entertainment.

Part II: Backyard Bird Watching.

Chapter 6: Making a Bird-Friendly Yard.

Chapter 7: Bird Feeding: The Start of It All.

Chapter 8: Tackling Pests and Other Feeder Problems.

Chapter 9: Nest Boxes and Box Monitoring.

Chapter 10: Gardening for the Birds.

Chapter 11: Hummers, Bluebirds, Martins, and Hawks.

Part III: Bird Sighting 101: Using Your Tools.

Chapter 12: Optics and How to Use Them.

Chapter 13: Choosing and Using Field Guides.

Chapter 14: Expanding Your Skills.

Chapter 15: Writing It Down.

Part IV: Beyond the Backyard.

Chapter 16: Taking a Field Trip.

Chapter 17: Birding by Habitat.

Chapter 18: Birding Hotspots.

Chapter 19: Birding Tours: On Site with a Pro.

Chapter 20: Festivals and Other Events.

Part V: Once You're Hooked.

Chapter 21: Birding that Makes a Difference.

Chapter 22: Better Optics and Other Fun Gear.

Chapter 23: Advanced Bird ID.

Chapter 24: Field Sketching.

Chapter 25: Birding Online (Nesting on the World Wide Web).

Chapter 26: Other Flying Creatures.

Part VI: The Part Of Tens.

Chapter 27: Ten (+ Ten) Tips for When (And When Not) to Use Your Binoculars.

Chapter 28: Bill's Ten Favorite Hotspots.

Chapter 29: Ten Bird Myths.



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