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Biology Workbook For Dummies (1118239369) cover image

Biology Workbook For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-23936-0
312 pages
April 2012
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting the Basics 7

Chapter 1: Figuring Out the Scientific Method  9

Chapter 2: Solving Problems in the Chemistry of Life  21

Chapter 3: Identifying Cell Parts and Understanding Their Functions  43

Chapter 4: Tracking the Flow of Energy and Matter  55

Part II: Creating the Future with Cell Division and Genetics 79

Chapter 5: Divide and Conquer: Recognizing the Phases of Cell Division  81

Chapter 6: Predicting Future Generations with Mendelian Genetics  101

Chapter 7: Taking Genetics to the DNA Level  113

Chapter 8: Going Straight to the Source with DNA Technology  131

Part III: Making Connections with Ecology and Evolution 143

Chapter 9: Organizing the Living World  145

Chapter 10: Connecting Organisms in Ecosystems  153

hapter 11: Evaluating the Effects of Evolution  169

Part IV: Getting to Know the Human Body 177

Chapter 12: Building Bodies with the Skeletal and Muscular Systems  179

Chapter 13: Giving Your Body What It Needs: The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems  189

Chapter 14: Processing Food with the Digestive and Excretory Systems  201

Chapter 15: Fighting Enemies with the Immune System  211

Chapter 16: Sending Messages with the Nervous and Endocrine Systems  221

Chapter 17: Making Babies with the Reproductive System  231

Part V: Going Green with Plant Biology 243

Chapter 18: Studying Plant Structures  245

Chapter 19: Pondering Problems in Plant Physiology  261

Part VI: The Part of Tens 271

Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Getting an A in Biology  273

Chapter 21: Ten (Plus One) Great Biology Websites  277

Index 281

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