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Beginning Programming with C++ For Dummies (0470909501) cover image

Beginning Programming with C++ For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-90950-8
456 pages
July 2010
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Part I: Let's Get Started.

Chapter 1: What Is a Program?

Chapter 2: Installing Code::Blocks.

Chapter 3: Writing Your First Program.

Part II: Writing a Program: Decisions, Decisions.

Chapter 4: Integer Expressions.

Chapter 5: Character Expressions.

Chapter 6: if I Could Make My Own Decisions.

Chapter 7: Switching Paths.

Chapter 8: Debugging Your Programs, Part 1.

Part III: Becoming a Functional Programmer.

Chapter 9: while Running in Circles.

Chapter 10: Looping for the Fun of It.

Chapter 11: Functions, I Declare!

Chapter 12: Dividing Programs into Modules.

Chapter 13: Debugging Your Programs, Part 2.

Part IV: Data Structures.

Chapter 14: Other Numerical Variable Types.

Chapter 15: Arrays.

Chapter 16: Arrays with Character.

Chapter 17: Pointing the Way to C++ Pointers.

Chapter 18: Taking a Second Look at C++ Pointers.

Chapter 19: Programming with Class.

Chapter 20: Debugging Your Programs, Part 3.

Part V: Object-Oriented Programming.

Chapter 21: What Is Object-Oriented Programming?

Chapter 22: Structured Play: Making Classes Do Things.

Chapter 23: Pointers to Objects.

Chapter 24: Do Not Disturb: Protected Members.

Chapter 25: Getting Objects Off to a Good Start.

Chapter 26: Making Constructive Arguments.

Chapter 27: Coping with the Copy Constructor.

Part VI: Advanced Strokes.

Chapter 28: Inheriting a Class.

Chapter 29: Are Virtual Functions for Real?

Chapter 30: Overloading Assignment Operators.

Chapter 31: Performing Streaming I/O.

Chapter 32: I Take Exception!

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 33: Ten Ways to Avoid Bugs.

Chapter 34: Ten Features Not Covered in This Book.

Appendix: About the CD.


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