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Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies (1118351614) cover image

Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-35161-1
384 pages
August 2012
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Introduction  1

Part I: The Building Blocks of Maths  7

Chapter 1: Getting Started  9

Chapter 2: Introducing the Basics: Addition and Subtraction  17

Chapter 3: Equal Piles: Multiplying and Dividing  35

Chapter 4: Are We Nearly There Yet? Estimating and Rounding  53

Part II: Working with Parts of the Whole  67

Chapter 5: Facing Fractions without Fear  69

Chapter 6: What’s the Point? Dealing with Decimals  91

Chapter 7: It’s All Relative: Tackling Ratio and Proportion  107

Chapter 8: Working Out Perfect Percentages, 100% of the Time  127

Part III: Real-life Maths  147

Chapter 9: Clocking Time  149

Chapter 10: Counting the Cash: Dealing with Money  171

Chapter 11: Working with Weights 189

Chapter 12: Feeling the Heat: Getting to Grips with Temperature  203

Chapter 13: Sizing Up Shapes  219

Chapter 14: Sharpening Your Knowledge of Shapes 241

Part IV: Speaking Statistically  259

Chapter 15: Mining Data (No Hard Hat Required)  261

Chapter 16: Grappling with Graphs  289

Chapter 17: Average Joe: Sussing Out Statistics  299

Chapter 18: What Are the Chances? Playing with Probability  313

Part V: The Part of Tens  325

Chapter 19: Ten (Or So) Ways to Check Your Work  327

Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Remembering Your Number Facts  333

Chapter 21: Ten Top Tips for Getting Things Right  341

Index  347

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