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Ayurveda For Dummies (1118306708) cover image

Ayurveda For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-30670-3
282 pages
May 2013
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Ayurveda 7

Chapter 1: Introducing Ayurveda: The Science of Life 9

Chapter 2: Focusing on the Fundamental Principles 15

Chapter 3: Uncovering the Subtle Energy Systems 27

Chapter 4: Determining Your Constitution 39

Part II: Living in Harmony with Ayurveda: Promoting Good Health 47

Chapter 5: Ease and Disease: Health According to Ayurveda 49

Chapter 6: The Rules of the Day: Dinacharya and Staying in Balance 65

Chapter 7: Seeking Union with Yoga 83

Chapter 8: Night-time Rituals for Sound Sleep and Fertility 107

Chapter 9: Changing Your Diet with the Seasons 119

Part III: Appetising Approaches to a Healthy Diet 131

Chapter 10: Stimulating the Palate: A Taste of Things to Come 133

Chapter 11: Selecting the Right Diet for Your Type 147

Chapter 12: Optimising Your Diet: A Recipe For Success 159

Part IV: Fitting Ways to Enhance Healing 175

Chapter 13: Stoking the Fire: Caring For Your Digestive System 177

Chapter 14: The Respiratory System: Breathing Life into Your Body 189

Chapter 15: Flexible Approaches for Your Musculoskeletal System 199

Chapter 16: The Secrets of Healthy Skin and Hair 209

Part V: The Part of Tens 221

Chapter 17: Ten Herbs For Maintaining Health 223

Chapter 18: Ten Super Spices for Your Kitchen 233

Part VI: Appendices 239

Appendix A: Sanskrit Glossary 241

Appendix B: Botanical Index 245

Appendix C: Suppliers 247

Index 253

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