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Australian Politics For Dummies (1742468837) cover image

Australian Politics For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-74246-883-9
192 pages
August 2010
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Part I: Politics: You're in It.

Chapter 1: Australian Politics: The Basics.

Chapter 2: Hot Topics in Australia: The Political Debate.

Part II: The Australian System of Government.

Chapter 3: One Country, Many Rulebooks.

Chapter 4: Westminster: Much More than Big Ben.

Chapter 5: Washminster: The Australian Hybrid.

Chapter 6: Parliament: The House on the Hill.

Chapter 7: Governing the Great Southern Land.

Part III: Party Time!

Chapter 8: Parties, Parliament and Politics.

Chapter 9: The Australian Labor Party.

Chapter 10: The Liberal Party.

Chapter 11: The National Party.

Chapter 12: The Minor Parties and Independents.

Part IV: Citizen Power!

Chapter 13: Elections: A Festival of Democracy.

Chapter 14: Let the Campaign Begin!

Chapter 15: The Fourth Estate: The Media.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Politicians Who Made an Impact.

Chapter 17: Ten Speeches Worth Listening to Again.

Chapter 18: Ten Acts of Political Bastardry in Australia.



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