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Australia's Military History For Dummies (174216983X) cover image

Australia's Military History For Dummies

David Horner, Angus Houston (Foreword by)
ISBN: 978-1-74216-983-5
384 pages
September 2011
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Part I: The Essentials of Australian Military History.

Chapter 1: Exploring Why Australia Goes to War.

Chapter 2: Coming to Grips with the Military.

Part II: The Wars of Colonial Australia.

Chapter 3: Colonial Confl icts.

Chapter 4: Battling the Boers, 1899–1902.

Part III: The First World War: Australia's Greatest Tragedy.

Chapter 5: Australia Goes to War, 1914.

Chapter 6: Creating the Anzac Legend at Gallipoli, 1915.

Chapter 7: Enduring the Horrors of the Western Front, 1916–17.

Chapter 8: Riding to Victory in Palestine, 1916–18.

Chapter 9: Hammering the Huns, 1918.

Part IV: The Second World War: The Empire Beckons.

Chapter 10: Winning the First Battles, 1940–41.

Chapter 11: New Theatres, New Allies and New Enemies, 1941.

Chapter 12: Defeating the Afrika Korps, 1941–42.

Chapter 13: Our Airmen in Europe, 1939–45.

Part V: Our War in the Pacific.

Chapter 14: The Japanese are Coming! 1941– 42.

Chapter 15: New Guinea Battles — A Jungle Hell, 1942–44.

Chapter 16: Fighting to the Finish, 1944–45.

Chapter 17: The Civilian Side of the War.

Part VI: The Aussies Do Their Bit in the Cold War.

Chapter 18: Taking up Arms for the United Nations in Korea, 1950–53.

Chapter 19: Backing the Brits in Malaya and Borneo, 1950–66.

Chapter 20: Fighting Alongside the Yanks in Vietnam, 1962–72.

Part VII: On Overseas Service.

Chapter 21: Peacekeeping Near and Far, 1947–2010.

Chapter 22: Flying the Flag in Iraq and Afghanistan, 1990–2010.

Part VIII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Top Australian Military Leaders.

Chapter 24: Ten Famous Australian Battles.

Chapter 25: Ten Myths of Australian Military History.


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